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Most of China's manufacturing companies do not have their own core competitiveness, and only focus on reducing costs to ensure efficiency, rather than focusing on investing in R&D like advanced foreign companies, relying on technological innovation and product iteration to increase production and increase profits。

We want to go hand in hand with TBSI and become the world leader, using technology to promote the Chinese economy。

We conclude:

1、Must take the initiative to meet the challenge, from OEM to ODM, build their own brand and research and development capabilities to survive;

2、Chinese companies have already faced the competitive pressure of globalization. Our opponents are industrial powers such as Japan and Germany. We need to narrow the gap and establish our own technical systems and technical standards;

3、The manufacturing industry hopes to see the policy guidance of “deviating from the virtual reality”, and the industrial foundation is the foundation of a big country;

4、Smart manufacturing has become a trend, and information technology and traditional manufacturing industries are interpenetrating. This is an opportunity for China to make corner crossings。

TBSI is the Academy of Engineering, and the industrialization of technology is the basis for the integration of production, education and research in universities in the future

1、Yan Feng wants to establish an industry-university research base with TBSI, and the last mile of technology to industrialization by Qi Feng;

2、Yan Feng wants to participate in the manufacturing of photovoltaics, Tsinghua Martin Green's changes to the photovoltaic industry;

3、Let Yan Feng have the qualification to recommend TBSI outstanding students, so that Feng Feng can find better talents in the industry;

4、The industrialization part of TBSI's various research labs allows for the participation of Qi Feng。