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Taking the revitalization of China's manufacturing industry as its mission to build a new brand of high-end equipment manufacturing

Metallurgical industry: Baosteel Jiaozuo machine maintenance, precision rolling steel parts

LCD industry: BOE LED LCD display multiple assembly line mechanical parts

Military industry: missile launch tube, aerospace engine cover, participation in aircraft carrier deck manufacturing

Nuclear power industry: Zhejiang Zhoushan, Zhejiang Sanmen, Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant cooling system manufacturing

Hydropower industry: turbines and turbine blades of several hydropower stations at home and abroad

Chemical industry: Bayer, Germany, pipeline maintenance

Wind power industry: manufacturing of the largest 6 MW wind power equipment components, including the rear engine room, wheels, etc.

Municipal Engineering: Participation in the manufacture of shield tunnel components for the 16.5 m tunnel in Shanghai Tunnel

Stainless steel vacuum industry: maximum 60K vacuum chamber

Application Area

Engineering ProjectThe project

The company implements “5S” management and has obtained the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification. After several years of development, it has cultivated a large number of high-end industrial workers with first-class quality and first-class technology。Production site management, technical management and quality management are all led by experienced and first-class professionals. Now we have many domestic first-class machining equipment and testing instruments。At present, the company's main high-end manufacturing industry is concentrated in nuclear power, aerospace, underground engineering, liquid crystal display, coating equipment and solar energy industry

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