It is located in Jinshan Industrial Zone, one of Shanghai's nine municipal-level industrial zones, adjacent to Hangzhou Bay; north to Songjiang and Qingpu; east to Fengxian District; west to Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. The address is convenient, the high speed traverses the square, and the development prospect is superior。

     The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, processing and manufacturing of various types of electrical equipment, metallurgical equipment, aerospace equipment parts and other mechanical equipment. The company consists of molds, stainless steel equipment, tunnel engineering equipment, precision manufacturing, welding and other departments. We can provide professional, convenient and efficient welding, processing, painting, sand blasting and assembly "one-stop" design and production services for all kinds of product orders. Provide customers with maximum convenience and unique innovative production service concept。

      Adhering to the core business philosophy of “achieving common value and achieving unlimited demand”, we have gained a good reputation in the industry, and at the same time, we have continuously maintained the demand orders from customers all over the world。

      ShunFeng people always keep in mind the enterprise spirit of "confidence, self-discipline, high efficiency and innovation" and establish the correct value of "quality is life, cohesion is the soul. The more hardworking, the more grateful and happy"; "to revitalize China's manufacturing industry" For the sake of our responsibility, we will build a high-end equipment manufacturing brand, which is the highest goal of the company---Strive for strength and unity, and strive to build Shunfeng into a large-scale innovative manufacturing enterprise with leading technology and first-class service。

Developmentdevelopment history

  • 1986

    Founded a steel business department

  • 1995

    Introduce a CNC machining center imported from Taiwan;

  • 2004

    Opened a branch office in Shanghai, mainly engaged in energy equipment production (thermal power, hydropower, wind energy)

  • 2008

    Established Shanghai Haofeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Jinshan

  • future

    New starting point, new journey, new dream

2017 Excellent Supplier Award

HonorHonorary certificate

2017 Excellent Supplier Award
The most charitable and caring enterprise in Jinshan District, Shanghai
Shanghai “Specialized and Special” Enterprise
IOS9001-2008 Quality Management System Certification
Shanghai Jinshan District Public Security Advanced Unit
Shanghai Jinshan District Star Enterprise
AAA-level quality and trustworthy enterprise
Shanghai High-tech Enterprise
Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Graduate School

Enterprise IdeaEnterprise idea

  • Enterprise spirit

    Self-confidence, self-discipline, efficiency, innovation

  • Values

    Quality is life, cohesion is the soul。

    The harder you work, the more lucky you are, the more you will be grateful

  • Product concept

    Pursue the advancement of technology

    Advocating the precision of manufacturing

    Achieve performance superiority

  • Service philosophy

    High quality and efficient

    Reliable service

  • Marketing concept

    Products such as character, honesty and trustworthiness are our most basic pursuits and our lofty pursuit.

Team BuildingTeam building

"Harmonious and energetic Shunfeng team". The development of enterprises can not be separated from people and the construction of talent team. In essence, the competition of contemporary enterprises is the competition of talents. Excellent talents are the most harmonious competitiveness for the development and growth of enterprises, and also the important factor for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Employee CareEmployees care